Born as Gemini I am always looking for knowledge and information. After working several years in a natural health store where I advised all kind of alternative and natural health articles and therapies like herbs, vitamins, minerals, gemstones etc, I became more and more interested in natural ways of healing people. I also studied astrology for several years in Holland where we live. I have my degree and I am a full member of the Dutch Association of Astrologers (AVN). In my search for natural healing methods I ran into the wonderful therapy called BodyTalk which seemed to have a very personal healing effect on my own condition as well. I suffered for more than 17 years from fibermyalgia and every day was filled with pain and fatigue which restricted me a lot. After a few BodyTalk sessions, I can now say that I am fully recovered, have no more pain and my energy level is back to normal.
This experience gave me the motivation and energy to take the BodyTalk course and start studying this therapy on the lovely island of Cyprus were we lived a few month a year. I became a certified member of the BodyTalk Association and have a lot of satisfied clients already.

In my practice I combine the BodyTalk therapy with my astrological knowledge and because of the fact that I am a Reiki Master, I can also give this Universal Energy during the BodyTalk sessions which works very complimentary.